Posted by: gbake783 | February 22, 2011

Awana Grand Prix

In our AWANA group there’s four siblings (3 brothers and 1 sister) who needed some help with their AWANA cars. In my naivitee, I took requests: a race car (easy enough), a heart (hmm), a shark (uh-oh), and a tiger (too late to untake requests).

So, armed with a jig-saw, my secret weapon (Neil Armstrong – our resident AWANA Grand Prix guru), and my pastoral ability to bend the rules (okay, totally violate the rules, but whatever), we crafted all four cars. It took us all day and a trip to the local craft store, but they came out all right. For the tiger, instead of carving the block, we just added to the block. Pretty ingenious idea from my main man Neil Armstrong (yes, that’s really his name).

The kids painted them on Saturday and had a great time. We still have to add a clear coat and mount the wheels, but here’s how they look after the kids painted.

Slightly unfinished, but still awesome


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