Posted by: gbake783 | February 22, 2011

Back in the saddle

During my last tri, I became painfully aware of the importance of the aero (tuck) position (you’ve probably seen on tv the guys in the tucked position as they ride their bike). In most triathlons (at least the ones I’ll enter) drafting other bikes is strictly prohibited, so the athletes try to make themselves as wind-friendly as possible.

Well, I wasn’t doing this. And after just 15 miles or so, people started passing me with ease because I was riding straight up and they were tucked. So, because I can’t afford right now to buy a tri-specific bike, I had to retro-fit my Cannondale so I could more comfortably ride in the tuck position for longer stretches. And thanks to a very friendly local bike shop, they helped fit my bike (and me) into the right shape.

So, this week I’ve started getting used to riding in the tuck position (I’m riding on an indoor trainer). It’s been a fairly comfortable transition . . . peddling while tucked. The real test will come when the weather gets better and I actually get out on the road. The first time out is the worst – I feel like I need training wheels! And it will be even more challenging with this new position. But I’m stoked. My goal is run an Olympic distance tri early in the summer (.9 swim, 25ish bike, 6.2 run) and a half-ironman at the end of the summer (1.5 swim, 55ish bike, 13.1 run – usually a total of 70.1 miles).

Better get cracking!


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