Posted by: gbake783 | February 24, 2011

A Soul Saved

Last night I had the immense privilege of leading a young man to Christ. A couple of weeks ago he realized his need for the gospel, but wanted time to think about it. So, our AWANA Commander alerted me to the young man’s desire and asked if I could speak with him. After a little chit-chat, it became obvious he’d been wanting to accept Christ for a while, but was too shy to ask for help and wasn’t exactly sure what to say or do.

He’s a very bright young man. Knowing this, I was trying to ask him questions simply to gauge his level of understanding, but he was thinking of the questions more like a systematic theology exam. His exactitude was ultimately beneficial; though we struggled a little at first, he arrived at a solid understanding of Christ’s free gift of salvation by faith alone. One point kept stumping him: the connection between man’s sin, man’s punishment (death), and Christ’s sacrifice. He understood his sinfulness and that he deserves punishment. The connection between our punishment and Christ’s death, however, took a little time to sink in. But Scripture’s illumination ultimately prevailed.

I’m thrilled to see what the Lord might do with this young man. Like I said, he has an unusually exacting mind, a sweet spirit, and most importantly, a redeemed soul. There is so much potential in that young man. Please pray for him as our adversary will not react slowly.


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