Posted by: gbake783 | March 2, 2011

Fun with Danielle

While in Kansas City, I typically took Thursdays as my day off during the week (it’s pretty standard for pastors to take a day during the week since weekends are usually pretty full with ministry). Thursday just worked best: I usually had Bible class on Monday, Wednesday night was prayer meeting, and we usually some sort of game on Tuesdays and Fridays. So, Thursday was by far the most relaxing day.

When we moved out here, I played around with my day off. Friday seemed cool. But by the time Friday rolled around, I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the week’s progress, so I’d end up working at least half the day. I tried Thursday again, but same song, second verse. I also tried Monday, but that, too has it’s disadvantages: I want to feel like my week is off to a good start. Despite the disadvantages of Monday, it seems to be working the best.

This Monday Danielle and I went over to Wolf Mountain for a morning of skiing (me) and snowboarding (her). Thanks to Colleen Black for watching Paton while we had our fun! And thanks to Rhonda Ransom for adding us to her “Friends and Family” list (which means we can ski/board all day for $5 a piece). The snow was fantastic: soft, yet firm enough not to be mushy. Danielle is just learning to snowboard . . . despite a few “incidents” getting off the lift, she’s picking it up in fine form. And I ventured over to the terrain park to catch some air off the ramps. Lemme just say I’m happy to have invested in a helmet recently. I feel like I’m reverting back to childhood: Danielle boards down the hill so she can watch me hit some sweet jumps (I think she’s secretly encouraging me so she can laugh at me when I wipeout). But I’m a sucker for attention, so it’s a lot of fun.

All that to say, we love Utah. And the Valley. What a perfect venue to catch up with D (we had a busy week and will have another one this week). God has been so good to us.



  1. Had fun w/ you, too! Still sore from that day.

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