Posted by: gbake783 | March 11, 2011

When in Doubt, Wear Sunscreen

For Christmas the church gave Danielle and me some free passes to the local ski resorts. We used the ones to Snowbasin, but I wanted to save one for a genuine powder day. And that day came Tuesday.

Powder Mountain got about 12-18 inches of fresh snow Monday afternoon and evening. You know it’s going to be a good powder day when you can hear the avalanche canons blasting while you’re putting on your boots! The snow didn’t disappont: dry, fluffy, and deep. I made fresh tracks from the first run at 9:00am to the last at 3:55. Skiing powder is tiring, but it was worth it. What an amazing day.

Also, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Which was a little unfortunate since I thought it was going to be overcast and didn’t take any sunscreen. I’m usually an SPF 50 guy (basically a black turtleneck pulled over my head), so it’s not like I have a base tan to work from.  I knew it was bad when the first thing Danielle said was, “Are you in pain!?” Forget red, my nose was purple! I mean really truly purple. Even my lips were sunburned. But I wear this fourth degree sun burn and racoon face as a badge of honor.


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