Posted by: gbake783 | March 23, 2011

Flu Fatalism???

Paton recently came down with a little flu bug. On Thursday and Friday last week during BMW’s field conference, he was sequestered away with five or so other toddlers in the nursery . . . so picking up a bug was inevitable.

How to respond? Well, let’s just say my wife and I have totally different perspectives. She’s a flu fatalist. She makes no effort to avoid it, “I’m going to get it anyway, so why fight it?” I, on the other hand, take extreme measures. I must’ve washed my hands 100 times both Saturday and Sunday. I sanitize my water bottles, keep them away from Paton, and assiduously avoid all contact with anything he touches. If I have to touch something of his, it’s an immediate hand-washing. Danielle, of course, teases me about this behavior.

So, it’s Saturday afternoon and I’m about to sit down to enjoy the NCAA basketball tournament. My wife and I had just been bantering over whether it was worth the measures I was taking. I was pumped about the basketball games – two on at once for the rest of the evening. I’d set up the “Previous Channel” button and enter the closest thing to basketball heaven.

I got my drink and bowl of chips ready, and just when I’m about to sit down, I see Paton drooling on the remote control. He knows the remote is strictly off-limits, so he wiped the flu-bug infested drool with his hand. He then dutifully picked up the remote and brought it to me (he must rationalize that if he brings me something he’s not allowed to touch, then the touching is cool). Terrific. How am I supposed to wash a remote control?  Maybe being a flu fatalist isn’t such a bad idea after all.


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