Posted by: gbake783 | March 27, 2011

Paton’s Favorites – Combined

Paton is a man of unbridled passion. When he loves something, he really, really loves it. His loves include: balls, balloons (called mangoon), Handy Manny (Mini), suckers (pop-pops) and his special blanket (Ki-Ki). He has a few other likes, but these are the top five for sure.

So, this afternoon, I was in the grocery store and saw a Handy Manny balloon. That’s right, two of Paton’s favorite things, only combined. He struggled at first with the helium (Danielle got a video of a tantrum we’ll use as blackmail when he’s older). But once we got that figured out, he trembled with joy. The only struggle was what to call it: Mini or Mangoon?

Pics below.


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