Posted by: gbake783 | August 10, 2011

Praise God for His Blessing!

Most of my friends and family were already alerted to this through facebook, but I wanted to pass along that my wife, Danielle, is expecting. She’s due in mid-February. Everything seems to be going great so far.

Danielle thinks she’s having a girl. She’s, of course, relying on centuries of collective wisdom in predicting these things. For me, I’ll wait for the sonogram. If it’s a girl, we already have a name: Charlotte. That’s Danielle’s grandmother’s name. But I’ll call her Charlie. I think she’ll like that. And if it’s a boy . . . well, I haven’t the first clue what we’ll call a boy. Like I said, I’ll wait for the sonogram.

A few years ago we were trying to decide between Paton and Schaeffer (after John G. Paton and Francis Shaeffer). We chose Paton thinking we’d go with Shaeffer if we had another boy. But then my friend Matt and his wife stole it (okay, “stole” is a strong word – they didn’t know we were considering it). So now we’re kind of stuck if it’s a boy. Just being transparent.

Baby Baker (Gender TBD)


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