Posted by: gbake783 | October 18, 2011

Catching Up – A Potpourri of Topics

Last week I was in Greenville, SC and a friend told me, “Hey, you haven’t posted on your blog in a while.” My response: “Yeah, I’ve been busy . . . Wait! You read my blog?!” I thought my readers consisted of my wife, parents, and anyone googling AWANA-Grand-Prix. So, now my readership consists of my wife, parents, anyone googling AWANA-Grand-Prix, and Jake Nicholson.

Yes, things here have been very, very busy. I’ll explain.

Leach Fields that aren’t so Leachy

Our failing septic system was the primary reason for my inability to post. We purchased the house knowing it would be a problem. An expert diagnosed a one day, $25 fix. A month later, it’s fixed. And let me give a quick shout out to Dom Gonino – without him, I would’ve paid a contractor upwards of $10K to make it happen. As it stands, the fix cost me a fraction of that. Too bad I couldn’t get a discount on the back ache.

Another shout out to Mike Byrk for letting me borrow his backhoe – that was another huge savings. Oh, and Mike found my leach field (how one can lose a pit 10 feet deep, 3 feet wide, and 45 feet long filled with river rock and [theoretically] gravel is hard to believe, but we almost couldn’t find it – and it took a week to hit pay-dirt). Again, Mike finding my leach field was like finding a $10K bill.

Back to the present – all is fixed now and up to code. And after spending three weeks ankle deep in poo-filled dirt, I’m very happy to know it’s done. After messing with the septic system for nearly a month, I nod in vigorous agreement every time Mike Holmes implores his crew to make it right the first time.

Me. Mike's Backhoe. Big Ditch. It may look like fun. But remember when Tom Sawyer convinced his buddies that painting a fence was fun?

Me, Dom, and Mike "Big Time" Byrk.

Daddy’s Girl

Well, it’s official – Danielle’s having a girl. We’re going to name her Charlotte Lea (after Danielle’s Grandma ). But, as I said in a previous post, I’m going to call her Charlie. And despite some of the resistance I’ve gotten from certain family members who shall remain nameless, it’s done and done. The doctors tell us she seems healthy. And Danielle knows she’s very active. We’re just praising God for blessing us with a little girl. I know this sounds a little self-centered, but I’m looking forward to having a girl around the house. I know I need a little mellowing. I’m looking forward to the life experiences that only a daddy’s girlcan provide.

The Un-Real USC

Oy, what a roller coaster season. And we’re only at the mid-way point. We benched our first starting QB (Conner Shaw) and then benched his back-up (Stephen Garcia). Stephen got bummed, did something bad, got kicked off the team, and left us with our previous first option, Conner. Then, the unthinkable and unspeakable happened. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – I’m not talking about it. You’ll just have to click the link. We’ve lost just one game, but the difficult part of our schedule is ahead of us. More than one Gamecock team has faded into the November twilight. With games at Tennessee and Arkansas, and home games against Florida and Clemson, we’ll have our work cut out for us. But we can still win the East, which is just an invitation to be LSU or Alabama’s sacrificial lamb on their way to a national title. But still, an SEC East title is a very cool thing.

I did, however, get a chance to take in a game in Columbia with the Vincent family. It was a great time with a big win over Kentucky. We had a great tailgate, got some decent tickets, and really enjoyed ourselves.

The Vincents' first-ever tailgate!

Pregame: I told them they couldn't hang with me unless they wore Gamecock gear. They thought I meant it! So they borrowed a bunch of mine.



  1. Your posts make me laugh…and not just because I’m partial…

  2. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my name in your post. It’s made all this reading worth it.

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