Posted by: gbake783 | November 15, 2011

Male Bonding

I’ve been spending some major quality time with my main-man Paton. He’s actually started watching football with me, even though he calls it “Shootball.” Every night before bed we pray, I tuck him in, and then I say, “Go Gamecocks!” To which he pumps his fist and repeats. Brings a tear to my eye. Here’s Paton watching some shootball with his old man:

Daddy and Paton watching our Gamecocks whoop up on Tennessee (BTW: we're 9-1 against the SEC East the last two seasons. For the sake of full disclosure, we're 2-5 against the SEC West. Bummer.)

This, by the way, is my Gamecock-football watching position: directly in front of the TV, hands on knees (gotta keep a good athletic posture), and phone very far away (I don’t like texting while the Gamecocks play).

It was Halloween a few days later. So, I decided to take advantage of it and visit a few church members’ homes to trick-or-treat with Paton. We had to practice trick-or-treat – he’d say the words and I’d toss candy into his metal pale (it made a nice clank). After a few tries, I could see the logic dawning on him, “You mean, all I have to do is say this and I get candy???” After getting around to all our church members’ houses (people who double Paton’s best friends – Aunties Vicki, Jodi, Charity, Paula, Ashley, Leigh, Katrina, and Kathy) he’d collected quite the candy haul. He was pretty fired up. So, the next night he came up to me with his bucket and said, “Daddy, twick or tweet.” Sorry, son, that’s the catch – it works only one night a year.

Paton went as Elmer Fudd:

Paton as Elmer and Daddy as, well, a Gamecock I suppose.


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