Posted by: gbake783 | December 6, 2011

FBC Debt Free!!!

On Sunday night FBC celebrated making our final mortgage payment! During an eighteen month stretch from 2001-2002, FBC borrowed approximately $175K from Wells Fargo and $26K from Bethel Builders, a Christian church-planting organization that charges no interest (only an upfront fee).

The story of how I ended up at FBC and how we paid our mortgages so quickly is one of God’s providence and faithfulness. For three years, FBC looked in vain for a pastor. But while they were looking, they refused to sit still – they took the money they would have paid the pastor and made triple/quadruple mortgage payments. In the meantime, Valley housing prices (which had reached an all-time high in 2008) began dropping. Had they found a pastor in 2008 or even 2009, FBC would have struggled to keep their pastor living in the Valley.

By the time the church commissioned me and my wife, FBC had paid off the bank loan, and not coincidentally, housing prices in the Valley had reached their lowest levels in decades.

In December of 2010, FBC made it one of their 2011 goals to pay off the Bethel loan. On Sunday night, we made the last payment to Steve Barsuhn, the pastor who oversees the Bethel fund. Oh, and in May my wife and I bought a very affordable home (housing prices in the Valley are already back on the rise). God, in His providence, had the timing worked out perfectly!

We want to be very careful to praise God for doing this in our church – it was by God’s grace that our people could be so faithful in their giving. Even in one of our nation’s worst economic downturns, God was faithful to His people at Fellowship Bible Church.

Pics below.

Our Leadership Team and Steve Barsuhn

The ladies insisted we get an action shot of me giving Steve the final check.

We celebrated like all good Christians celebrate - a chocolate cake, of course!

Steve printed this document as a reminder of God's faithful provision.



  1. Our God is big!

  2. Yes, the ladies insisted on that shot…and aren’t you glad?!

  3. Praise God indeed! Thanks for writing up the encouraging testimony.

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