Posted by: gbake783 | February 22, 2012

The Charlie Cometh

Charlotte Lea Baker made her presence felt this morning at 7:44. She weighs 8 pounds and 3 oz (she’s a chunk-a-lunk) and she’s 22 inches long.

The birth was so much different than Paton’s. The c-section has been on the schedule for several weeks now. So, Danielle and I woke up like it was any morning and left for the hospital. The doctors had a hard time getting the IV in her, but soon enough we entered the most intimidating operating room known to man – or maybe they all look like that. It looked like a Russian torture chamber from the Cold War era – or at least all the Russian torture chambers from the Cold War era that I’ve seen in movies.

There was some pain getting the spinal block. Well, not pain for me, but you know what I mean. And twenty minutes later, out came Charlie. When Paton was born, they wisked him away and we really didn’t see him for a while. Maybe an hour or more. But this time the nurses invited me back to the weight and length room (that’s what I’m calling it) and I got to carry her back to Danielle’s hospital room. It was like we were taking a stroll in the park, not coming out of the operating room. Very casual, very calm.

It seems like the last several births I’ve only heard of difficult births. And in light of a situation we had in our local church (the loss of a baby), I report this story without taking it for granted. It seems an easy birth is the exception, but we’re certainly thanking God for it nonetheless.

The hospital internet wasn’t playing nice with my internet software, so I had to run to a Starbucks to get all the emails out, the blog and facebook updated, etc. So, I’d better head back to the hospital now. Enjoy a few pics.

Charlie in the weight and length room.

Charlie's big Lavertu feet.

The proud papa.

The tired mama.



  1. Loving your blog! God bless you and your family!

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