Posted by: gbake783 | May 1, 2012

40/20 Update

I’ve had a few folks ask how the 40/20 Club is coming … a sub-40 10K and 20 pull-ups. Okay, full-disclosure, I’ve had two people ask how the 40/20 Club was coming. So that qualifies as a few. Or maybe I should have just said, “a couple.” Whatever.

Things are going well. But I’m not super close to either goal – yet.

Running: I’ve been training for the Ogden Marathon, so speed hasn’t been number one on the priority list. It’s been great to build the volume of miles and muscle strength. I’ve been steadily upping the pace on my weekly 10K – smooth but uncomfortably fast. My goal on 10K Monday (yes, I have stupid phrases for all my workouts) is to feel totally shot by mile 5, then gut out the last 1.2. I’ve made speed work a strong priority, and I’m starting to feel a real difference. The main issue is concentration – it’s so easy to kick into mindless slow mode. I find that running faster requires so much more focus.

I’ve circled the Valley 4th of July 10K as the race to test my 10K time. That’ll give me about a month to recover from the marathon while focusing on speed.

I had one bad running experience worth sharing. Two weeks ago, during the 18 mile training run, I felt absolutely great! I was running uphill slightly and into a strong wind for the first nine miles. So, when I turned around, I thought I was going to cruise home – downhill, downwind, I felt great. Then at the 12 mile mark – WHAMMO – the dehydration monster reared his ugly head! It got bad. Fast. I did the zombie run/walk/jog the last five miles. I stopped at every water hole I knew of – I didn’t even care if the water was sanitary, I just needed something! After the run, I drank over 100 oz of fluid before feeling human again.

I think I figured out what happened. The day before the run, I bought a box of GU gels, but failed to notice that the packets read, “2x Caffeine.” It was very small print. I’m positive that’s what dehydrated me. I had four of those packets – the equivalent to 8 cups of coffee. Gee, I wonder why I got dehydrated?!

Pull-ups: these seem to be going well. I’ve been doing P90X upper-body workouts twice a week – the ones that have lots of pull-ups. Two problems. First, those workouts rarely have regular pull-ups sets – wide grip, narrow grip, and just about everything in between. So, I haven’t yet maxed out to see how many I can do when 1) I’m not tired from the workout and 2) regular hand width on the bar. But … this was encouraging … at the end of a workout last week I did 14! I was pretty excited about that.

The second problem is an equipment one. For starters, I’m using one of those door frame pull-up bars. The bar has a couple flaws: my legs curl awkwardly when I hang and the bar never feels totally solid. So, my balance is off, which makes the sets go a little slower. I’m heading over to the Junior High to try some sets on the pull-up bar in the fitness-obstacle-course-thing that nobody ever uses. You’ve seen these in the park, right? Has anyone ever seen someone actually trying to complete one of these fitness circuits? Me neither. And no jokes about me needing a stool for the shorter bar!

When I first started this, I thought the run would be more attainable than the pull-ups. Now it seems reversed.

One other update …

I realized that I’d need to lose about 10 lbs to make this possible. My best running weight is about 165 and I currently weigh 175. And those ten pounds have proven surprisingly stubborn. Not sure why. So I googled it. And I might have overdone the investigation – my internet filter is planning an intervention for an apparent eating disorder.

Bottom line – too many sweets. I just need to start saying no more often. I rarely buy myself sweets. But we have a leadership meeting at church – cookies! AWANA session – donuts! VBS planning meeting – those twisty cinnamon devils we’re going to eat at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb! Youth Event – Pizza, Coke, and Cookies!

So, even though I’m being disciplined with my day-to-day diet, enough of these special events pile up through the week that I’m sabotaging all the good intentions.

My May 1 Resolution – Watch this every morning. “Oh. Very nice, Rock!” Maybe I can make that my ring tone. Thumbs up!!!


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