Hello, I’m Greg Baker, pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Eden, UT. God has blessed me with a lovely wife (Danielle) and toddler (Paton). I hope you’ll find this blog God-honoring, self-effacing, and perhaps a little uplifting. Why does a pastor need a blog? Well, I’m not sure. This is my maiden voyage so I’m learning as I go. But it seemed like a good enough opportunity to glorify God by showing how the gospel affects my life.

Although I’m certain everyone wants their blog to be genuine, transparency is a particular burden of mine. In thinking about what I want this blog to be, it’s a bit easier to say what I don’t want it to be. My desire is not to create a forum for theological debate – the internet has no lack for those good and appropriate forums. And though writers often blog to kickstart their careers (and good for them if they can – it’s hard cracking into publishing), that is not my desire.

My calling is to shepherd the people of Fellowship Bible Church. To whatever degree this blog can help them walk closer with Christ, that’s why I write. Christ told His disciples to follow Him. Everywhere. To do everything. Perhaps I can emulate Christ in this regard. Maybe I can open windows into my life and into my thought process that will help disciple others. I’m just a redeemed sinner, but perhaps by God’s grace I can encourage others to follow Christ with my own example (2 Tim. 1:13).



  1. Greg, I really appreciate this transparency and perspective. I have the same burden in what I post online.

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